ENS offers a variety of secure server cabinets to help protect physical access to payment card data and help organize your back-office operations.



ENS secure server cabinets help protect physical access to payment card data.
Secure Server Cabinet
Protect your profits
Increase security and restrict access to point-of-sale equipment with a durable locking cabinet.
Create a clean and organized workspace
Maximize floor space in your management office with easy single technician mounting options.
3-Shelf Adjustable Cabinet
Cabinet for Portable Devices
Easy access for maintenance staff
Double swing gate design allows technicians to easily access the equipment in the cabinet without compromising connectivity.
Made with durable materials
Enhance security by controlling access to equipment with a plexi- glass and metal door that allows in-store employees to see the equipment without access to power switches and cables.
Secure Server Cabinet
Secure Server Cabinet
Designed to keep equipment operating safely
Keep server equipment operating safely and efficiently with ventilated doors and sides and an optional fan.

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