FLEXiPOLE Terminal Stands

Tailwind's FLEXiPOLE payment terminal mounting solutions can be seen at Points of Sale across the globe. Our stands provide security and safety at any POS and are compatible with the world's most renouned, leading payment terminal manufacturers. 

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FLEXiPOLE Tablet Mounts

Tailwind's FLEXiPOLE tablet mounting solutions have been created to engage with our custom backplate supporting the iPad Air/ iPad Air 2 / iPad Pro 9.7" range. Providing you and your investment with the upmost safety and security at your point of sale.

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ENS Payment Terminal Stands

ENS is the world leader in securing POS devices. Our stands are compatible with most major payment terminals manufacturers and help protect your customer’s and their data.

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TechTower by ENS is our modular technology mounting solution for keyboards, monitors, mouse, payment device, scanner and printer arms to allow you to personalize your work space.

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Verge series by ENS provides mobility or security for retailers to maximize their mobile point of sale applications.

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Astride by ENS is a universal handheld system designed to fit an endless number of tablets, devices and cases to provide you a secure grip that allows you the freedom to use your technology everywhere with peace of mind that it won’t slip out of your hands.

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Genesis is a revolutionary mounting solution designed for tablets, monitors and payment devices. Genesis provides you a single mounting solution for multiple technologies and applications throughout your environment.

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ENS Tablet Mounts

We offer mounting and enclosure solutions for all major tablet manufacturers and can custom design payment plus tablet solutions to provide ultimate flexibility for your environment.

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Charging Stations

ENS designed charging stations are ideal for scanners, tablets and mPos devices. When your mobile technology requires the need to charge, store or transport, we have a solution for you.

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Carts & Workstations

Our mobile work solutions accommodate everything form PCs and printers to cash registers and merchandise displays to help maximize productivity.

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ENS offers a variety of secure server cabinets to help protect physical access to payment card data and help organize your back-office operations.

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With a variety of configurable kiosks available, our designs are endless to help you improve your customer engagement and increase revenue.

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