The customer comes first,

taking payment a close second

This is both a science and an art form in the modern world, with cutting edge technology and IT thrown in for good measure. Getting it right means more than just the right stock: it's the whole customer journey from entering the retail location to paying for the purchase.

We work with retailers of all sizes, across the globe and we understand the issues retailers face from growing legislation around taking payment to security of financial data and ensuring equipment is secure.

Legally secure

For modern retailers security is of paramount importance as new legislation comes into force in 2015 from PCI DSS to compel retailers to:

"Protect devices that capture payment card data via direct physical interaction with the card from tampering and substitution."

Mounting your card payment machines

using the FlexiPole system immediately ensures compliance with legislation because our PEDPacks ensure the rear of the payment machine is secure against criminal interference. Choosing our SafeBase option with its secure latch and lock mechanism means the machine is also secured against snatch and grab thefts.

Looking good

The FlexiPole system means your check out will give the best impression to the customer as our system gives the best aesthetic result with a clean crisp mount for your payment device, showcasing the technology cleanly, allowing cables to be channelled through the stand and giving a tidy clutter free experience for the customer.

Saving you money

The FlexiPole system saves you money by extending the lifetime of your card payment machines and preventing false tampers. One of our customers, a major UK supermarket retailer with over 10,000 PIN Entry Devices installed mounted a proportion to test if the lifespan of the devices could be extended. They reported an improvement of over 60% in the measured Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF). This kind of cost saving can be achieved in the majority of retail environments where PED's are in use unmounted, and represents a significant cost saving.

Cable damage

This is another major cause of PED failure which is prevented by mounting, the wear and tear on the cable from passing the terminal to the customer. A leading independent sales provider with 20 years' experience in maintaining Point of Sale equipment reported a reduction in PED faults of up to 45% by mounting PED's to reduce cable movement.

The price is right

And the FlexiPole system has an attractive price point with a 50% costs saving for an average installation compared to our competitors.

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