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For the fast food restaurant industry or other high volume restaurant chains with fixed payment points, mounting card payment machines is a must in an environment which is busy and potentially hostile to the delicate technology of modern PIN Entry Devices (PEDs).

Enhance the lifetime of your PED

Your investment in payment technology can be substantial and in a fast paced environment where spills and knocks are inevitable, making sure your payment machine is mounted, above the level of the counter top and locked in place could add substantially to the lifetime of your machines.

Card payment machines have advanced to the point where they have mini computers on board and like most modern technology products they are not robust enough to survive being dropped, knocked or food and fluid spillages. They also incorporate 'tamper' protection to prevent criminal interference. This means that handling the machine can often provoke 'false tampers' where the machine triggers its tamper defence mechanism because of normal handling. Once the tamper defence has been triggered the machine needs to be replaced and is no longer usable.

All these factors combined with the fact that a clean and clutter free check out is of prime importance in a high volume or fast food restaurant environment, mounting payment machines is an obvious solution and is the standard approach for the majority of this industry.

Tailwind Products; 

The FlexiPole range

We are already installed in a variety of major fast food chains in various locations around the globe, including major household names within Russia and the UK.

Major brands are choosing FlexiPole as their solution because of the advantages of our flexible approach where our PEDPacks allow for easy upgrading of PEDs when required at low cost and because PEDPacks ensure the highest security for payment machines as they allow criminals no access to the rear of the machine and latch or 'lock and key' into our bases.

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