Create a premium check out experience with FlexiPole

Keeping check outs moving is all important in multi-lane retail. Lane downtime is expensive, checkout experience matters and a few moments can make all the difference in the busiest time periods.

Mounting your PIN Entry Device

Your PIN Entry Devices (PEDs) need to be online to ensure the maximum return on investment in your payment technology. Every time a PED goes offline unexpectedly, because of cable damage, tamper protection being triggered, or some other factor like spillage, knocks or end of lifetime, there is a cost to the retailer.

Reduce downtime

Another PED needs to be brought out of storage to replace the broken machine. The broken machine needs to be sent for repair or else a replacement purchased. At a minimum a checkout line will be out of action for a period while a new machine is sourced and set up in store. In a high volume retail operation this can be a costly process in terms of lost revenue.

Reduce risks

Another consideration is that anytime a PED is replaced on the network, there is a potential security risk. PEDs held in storage can offer criminals opportunities for adding chips or malware to PEDs.

Maximising uptime for your PEDs can be as simple as mounting your PEDs at the checkout thereby minimising cable damage, false tampers and keeping PEDs away from spills and safe from knocks or being dropped as they are passed between the cashier and the customer.

Security is maximised using the FlexiPole system because of the unique tailored 'back' or PEDPack which fits snugly to the back of the payment machine and prevents criminal interference.

The FlexiPole range has a solution for any check out type from self-service to interfacing with an installed base of poles from our competitors.

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