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The leisure industry is growing as consumers become more interested in health, sport and fitness and spending their leisure time engaged in travel and tourism activities. Combined with the rise of the spa industry and the growth of theme and holiday parks, the leisure industry is booming.

Why mount your PIN Entry Device (PED)?

Safety & Security

For the leisure industry, taking payment can take place in multiple areas of a single business as customers may make use of catering facilities, or need to pay for optional extras as well as the main service. Most establishments are likely to need multiple payment points and some of these payment points may be unmanned for periods of time, doubling the need for a secure PIN Entry Device (PED) mounting solution which will ensure all payment points are safe from criminal interference at all times.


With updates to PCI DSS requirements making it mandatory for all business which take payment with card holder present to physically secure their PEDs and the increasing focus from criminals on ways to steal financial data in the real world as well as online, mounting PEDS is a necessity for leisure businesses in 2015.

What is the best mounting solution for your business?

Picking a solution which is flexible, allows for future PED updates without complete reinstallation and secures PEDS from criminal interference and theft is a safe business decision which secures your investment in payment technology.

A FlexiPole system achieves these business aims and also ensures you have a clean, clutter free payment point for your customers. We already supply clients in the leisure industry across a number of global locations and have an excellent understanding of the needs of leisure industry businesses. With our range of mounting solutions we can cater to all kinds of payment points from kiosks to limited space availability to wall mounts.

Contact our sales team for more information about our experience in the leisure industry and how we can help you and your business.

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