Switching Solutions

Already have a mounting solution in place?

Upgrade to the FlexiPole system quickly

and easily

Already have a pre-installed mounting solution?

If you're looking to upgrade a pre-installed mounting solution and don't want to start from scratch, or if you already have a FlexiPole solution and you're upgrading your payment machine, we can help.

We're expert in adapting our product to interface with competitor's products and our range already includes the Connect which is designed to slot directly into a pre-installed SpacePole®.

The same product can be adapted to connect to other pre-installed poles if required, so just get in touch with our sales team to find out what we can do.

Changing card payment machine?

If you already have a FlexiPole mounting solution and you want to upgrade your card payment machines to a newer model, no problem

, all you need to do is select the right Pin Entry Device (PED) Pack from our range of PEDPacks, follow the simple installation instructions to attach the PEDPack to your new machines and slot directly into your existing FlexiPole.

You can even upgrade your FlexiPole or a competitor's pole to hold a tablet instead of a PED.

Our bases are designed to securely hold one of our TabletPacks just as easily as our PEDPacks so if you're moving to an ultra-modern tablet based point of sale system, make sure it's securely and beautifully mounted using a FlexiPole product.

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