For any point of sale, payment technology

downtime is expensive

Downtime can be costly

Whether it's because a tamper protection system has been triggered,cable damage is causing a fault, the unit has been damaged physically or by a spill, or it's just stopped working, the cost to the business of losing an active point of sale can be high.

If a customer wants to make a purchase it's important that the process is as easy as possible. Drop out between the choice to make a purchase and completion, is a well-known problem and queues for check out can cause customers to abandon their selection and leave the store. If no payment machine is available but the check out is open, the average ticket value will reduce substantially as customers revert to cash. It's an irony that a busy store is only a good thing if customers can be served and payments taken quickly and smoothly.

And of course your staff need to be feeling calm and unflustered to offer the level of service you want every customer to enjoy.

One of the reasons a Point of Sale location may be unavailable is that the payment technology has malfunctioned. Of course it's possible to maintain a supply of spare devices, however spare PIN Entry Devices (PED's) can compromise security as its easier for criminals to steal, compromise and substitute PED's when there is a stock of spares. 

So, what can be done to protect your active points of sale and ensure that your customer throughput is as efficient as possible?

The benefits of mounting

Ensuring your PIN Entry Devices (PED's) have the best chance of remaining operational has a lot to do with how they are treated in the sales environment. A well mounted PED has the best chance of remaining fully operational for its lifetime.

Mounting virtually eliminates cable damage, a major contributor to PED failure. It also helps reduce damage caused by handling, by the customer and staff members, as in most circumstances there is no need to touch the PED except to enter transaction information. False tampers are eliminated as is damage due to dropping or spilling liquids onto the device.

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