Modern card machines need

connectivity by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

and NFC.

Staying connected

is vital to modern card payment machines which need access to Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth connectivity and Near Field Communication to allow transmission of customer data and payment authorisation. Your choice of stand can affect your card machine's connectivity. Leading card machine manufacturers recognise the problem and tell us that metal stands can interfere with connectivity leading to problems with processing payment transactions. And this problem is becoming more of an issue as the latest devices rely on being connected not only for transaction data processing but also to identify themselves on the network.

Contactless payment terminals

MasterCard have made clear recommendations for contactless payment terminals in their PDF ‘MasterCard PayPass best practices for merchants’. There is a clear emphasis on physically securing the terminal at Point of Sale: 'The reader should be installed in a permanent, stable fashion to prevent it from being knocked around and damaged.' They also explicitly recommend plastic stands over metal stands 'Avoid placing PayPass readers in close proximity to metal objects, as this can reduce the read range of PayPass cards or devices. Reader and terminal equipment stands should be plastic instead of metal.'

Deadlines for Contactless

From January 2016 all European businesses replacing their estates of payment terminals must replace with contactless enabled terminals.From 2020, all terminals must be contactless enabled. This gives a timeframe not just to replace all terminals with contactless enabled but also to ensure those terminals are placed on suitable, plastic stands.

Plastic Stands

Tailwind’s FlexiPole stands are a composite plastic material, not metal, and offer no interference for contactless Near Field Communication, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Composite materials have other advantages over metal stands:

  • Powder coated metal is not a robust material for high impact point of sale environments and tends to rust, corrode and scratch. Composites are highly robust and resilient and do not scratch, tarnish or corrode, looking as good as new many years into service.
  • Metal stands are not easy to clean and collect dust and dirt as the surface is not smooth. Composites are very easy to clean and the smooth surface is less likely to collect dust and dirt.

To avoid connectivity problems for your point of sale technology and maintain a clean and aesthetic check out environment a stand made from composite material is the wisest choice. Make sure your contactless terminals are suitably mounted and contact our sales team today.

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