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The advantages of professional POS cable management

Installing new terminals and PIN Pads is a substantial cost for any retailer and it’s not just the cost of the payment machines themselves: there’s also the time taken to reach a purchase decision, cost of installation, store downtime and staff training. Added to this is the need to meet current legislative requirements: your new EPOS system needs to meet PCI DSS regulations. And last but not least, you want your customers to have a payment experience which is as pleasant and ‘frictionless’ as possible.

Getting good ROI

So, how do you ensure that all that time, effort and cost achieves your objectives and gives you a good return on your investment?

One of the easiest ways to ensure your new terminals have an active life for as long as possible is to mount your payment technology. Mounting has a number of clear benefits, one of which is a professional cable management solution.

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Using a mount like Tailwind’s FlexiPole, all cables for the unit are channelled through the pole and fixed safely below the counter. This ensures they are out of sight of the customer and also that they are safe from criminal interference and damage from general wear and tear.

The PCI DSS information supplement ‘Skimming prevention – best practices for merchants’ is clear on its recommendations regarding cables:

Secure terminal cabling in public areas with conduit, or within physical structures where possible. The intent should be to make it as difficult to identify and access payment terminal wiring and cabling as possible, requiring more time on site for a criminal to tamper with it.”

Barclaycard are similarly clear in their set up guides for their payment machines:

“Do not allow anything to rest on the power or telecom cords and ensure all cables are routed to prevent damage or accidental contact.”

Cable damage

Channelling cables not only prevents criminal interference, cable damage is also one of the most frequent reasons for failure of payment terminals.

One of our customers, a leading independent service provider told us that they estimate that mounting payment technology can reduce cable damage by as much as 35% - 45%. A leading supermarket retailer with 10,000 unmounted terminals installed, mounted a proportion as a test and reported an improvement in lifespan of over 60% Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Because cable damage is classed as 'customer damage', this kind of damage is not repairable under warranty so it's a pure cost to the retailer. And cable damage on an unmounted terminal can occur in as little as 4 months for a high traffic Point of Sale where the terminal is frequently handed back and forth between the cashier and the customer.

A logical step

Statistics like these are very convincing and a high quality mount can certainly improve your ROI. Combined with the higher security of a mounted terminal or PIN pad and the aesthetic improvement for your POS with no trailing cables, mounting your payment technology seems like a necessary step for any retailer planning to upgrade their estate of payment machines.

For more information on how Tailwind can help you mount your payment technology, just contact us.

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