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Product Spotlight: FlexiGrip DuoLock

The FlexiGrip is already one of our most popular products in Central and Eastern Europe, Central America, North America and Russia, and offers the ultimate flexibility to customers who deploy a mixed estate of devices. Simple in design, it provides a complete solution for PED mounting and securing of cabling when combined with one of FlexiPoles.

The FlexiGrip can be used with almost any card payment machine, instead of a Tailwind PEDPack. For lower volume PIN Entry Devices which don’t have direct PEDPack support, the FlexiGrip is an ideal way to take advantage of FlexiPole’s other benefits and mount payment devices.


The FlexiGrip DuoLock is a brand new product which builds on the success of the riginak FlexiGrip with the added security of super strong Velcro-lined ‘arms’ to grip the device firmly in place. We developed the DuoLock because our customers told us that where they installed heavier, bulkier PEDs, there was a need for a more secure ‘grip’.

The FlexiGrip DuoLock is our solution and the firm grip arms, combined with a lip along the bottom of the device, provide a snug and secure fit for almost any device type available in the marketplace today.

Request your free FlexiGrip DuoLock sample so that you can see its versatility with all terminal types for yourself.

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