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Love your payment tech: 5 ways to care for your point of sale equipment

Does love or money make the world go round? In the case of your payment tech, they may be equally important. Loving your payment terminal will result in increased up-time, increased sales and reduced costs. For the non-romantics of the world, don’t worry, we’ve got some stats too.

‘Customer Damage’ is the most common fault code assigned to payment terminals and PIN Pads when they come back for repair. If a device is found to be broken because it has not been taken care of sufficiently, a sizeable bill will be winging its way to the merchant. Here are 5 straightforward ways to avoid such charges by loving your terminal:

Product Spotlight: Spire SPc50 PEDPack

Spire Payments is currently the fastest growing European Point of Sale solutions provider, developing world-class secure electronic payment solutions. Their payment terminals and PIN Pads are building traction worldwide. Tailwind has been working closely with their product management and security teams to produce a unique solution to mount the SPc50 device.

The new PEDPack, a unique back plate designed to fit to the back of the device, has no screws or fixings and allows the terminal to latch securely into a FlexiPole base.

The future of payments – 2015 and beyond

Never has payments been such a hot topic. Coverage in the press has been across the board in Sunday newspapers, dailies and on websites which normally stick to celebrity gossip and politics. Apple Pay, changes in legislation, adoption of EMV in the US, mobile wallets, wearable payment technology and multiple new ways to pay, not just retailers but each other, have all hit the headlines along with multiple card fraud scandals.

We round up the key stories for you with predictions on how the payment industry will be impacted in 2015 and beyond. Read on for some (well researched) crystal ball gazing.

Flexible and adaptable: FlexiPole’s tailored approach to card payment machine mounting

Tailwind’s FlexiPole range has a unique approach to mounting payment terminals and PINPads. Unlike our competitors, our universal stands interface with a bespoke ‘back plate’ which is designed to fit each payment terminal or PINPad. This back plate, which we call a PEDPack, fits the payment machine perfectly leaving no gaps for criminals to access the back of the machine and offering a sleek silhouette at Point of Sale.

EMV, Apple Pay and the rise of biometrics

Amidst the furore surrounding the launch of Apple Pay in the USA, more news of data breaches in the US broke over the last few weeks as Staples joined the ranks of well-known retailers facing similar breaches including Home Depot, Sally Beauty, Dairy Queen, Supervalu, Michael’s and Target. The situation has now grabbed the attention of President Obama who signed an executive order on Friday 17th October to improve security for government credit and debit cards by ensuring they use Chip and PIN technology.

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