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Tailwind is a world class point of sale mounting solutions provider.

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In the modern retail environment looks are everything and making sure that the purchasing experience is smooth is incredibly important to ensure happy customers and repeat sales.

An ideal point of sale needs to look good: clutter, cables, and unattractive equipment can give a bad impression and feel jarring when payment is being taken. Mounting your PIN Entry Device (PED) can go a long way towards keeping your check out experience as seamless and pleasant as possible for your customer.

With a FlexiPole solution all cabling is hidden inside the pole itself giving an instantly cleaner and tidier look than a check out which has unmounted PED's. The ability to rotate the FlexiPole from the cashier to the customer to enter payment information, keeps the customer and the cashier's hands free and allows packing to take place at the same time as the payment is taken.

For the customer, making payment is as clean, simple and fuss free as it can be. The cashier's attention remains focussed on the customer and their interaction, the PED itself is in better condition, mounted away from counter dust and not being passed from hand to hand. The feel of the checkout experience is professional, easy and aesthetically pleasing with modern payment technology showcased and enhanced.

Tailwind is a global company creating point of sale mounting solutions for card payment machines, tablets and technologies.

Installed in locations around the world, our FlexiPole stands are durable, secure and designed to mount each payment machine to showcase the device and ensure an ideal check out experience for the customer.

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