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Tailwind is a world class point of sale mounting solutions provider.

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Verifone V200c/V400c/V205c Backplate - Product Spotlight

Tailwind’s FlexiPole™ now supports the Verifone V200c, V400c and V205c payment terminals (part of Verifone’s new generation “Engage Range”) with a bespoke backplate to fit all, ensuring a seamless and invisible...

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Verifone Digital interactions have proven king over the last few years. Self-service kiosks at QSR's and #CStores have seen… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Retweeted 4 days ago.

TailwindSolns Check out how our partner company in the USA celebrated Paddy's Day! We hope you had a great weekend however you ce… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

4 days ago.

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Tailwind is a global company creating point of sale mounting solutions for card payment machines, tablets and technologies.

Installed in locations around the world, our FlexiPole stands are durable, secure and designed to mount each payment machine to showcase the device and ensure an ideal check out experience for the customer.

FlexiPole Product
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Find the right stand for your payment terminal or PIN pad.

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Security at Point of Sale is a top priority Find out how we can help.

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FlexiPole FirstBaseComplete is our most popular product. Find out why.

Head Office: Tailwind Solutions Limited
                     2a Castle Business Centre
                     Queensferry Road
                     Fife KY11 8NT 
tel: +44 (0)1383 661237
email: info@tailwind-solutions.com

Tailwind Solutions Limited is registered in Scotland. Company Registration SC 306824

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