Astride by ENS is a universal handheld system designed to fit an endless number of tablets, devices and cases to provide you a secure grip that allows you the freedom to use your technology everywhere with peace of mind that it won’t slip out of your hands.

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Created by ENS, this universal handheld tablet system was designed to fit an endless amount of tablets, devices and cases. Astride® mounts onto the back of any device or tablet case using a strong bonded adhesive. It gives you a secure grip on your device so that you can have the freedom to use it everywhere with peace of mind that it wont slip out of your hands. The 3M™ DualLock™ re-closable velcro gives you the freedom to release Astride from your tablet or case and the ability to put it back on when you need it. You get the permanency and strength of hardware but the convenience and ease of a fastener.
Astride® by ENS provides you:
Slim design and lightweight to keep the weight off your hands.
Astride - Lightweight
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Astride - 360 Rotation
360º Rotation
Whether you want portrait or landscape mode, Astride has 360º rotation that allows you to easily use your tablet at various angles.
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Adjustable velcro straps ensures that you get a perfect and secure fit, every time. 
Astride - Secure
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Astride - Customizable
Can be customized with a variety of other accessories such as a shoulder strap and for retail usage, a payment device accessory arm can be added (not pictured).
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Wall Mount
With the Astride Plus you get a wall mount that can go anywhere to house your tablet for hands-free viewing or storage.
Astride - Wall Mount
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Astride - Flipstand
Built-in flip-stand for when you need to go hands-free. The flip-stand has curved feet to give you the versatility to work on a flat surface and in your lap.
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