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Retailers today are focused on streamlining operations while also ensuring customer needs are met. Handheld devices are used by retailers to help reduce time spent on inventory management and point of sale transactions improving customer satisfaction. The Ingenico iSMP4 Companion payment device is designed to be a standalone mPOS payment device or to pair with a tablet or smartphone to create a complete mPOS solution. Verge iSMP4z complete mPOS solution by ENS pairs the Ingenico iSMP4 device and the Zebra TC51/56 handheld computer to provide retailers a complete hand-held solution with optional security features and best in class quality to help grow sales and streamline operations.
Verge iSMP4Z by ENS gives you:
Handheld mobility for retailers
The Verge iSMP4Z has a small and compact design made with durable materials that joins the Ingenico iSMP4 and Zebra TC51/56 devices creating a comfortable, hand-held mobility solution for retailers.
Verge iSMP4Z-Handheld mobility for retailers
Verge 355z-Easy Access to All Device Features
Easy Access to All Device Features
The Verge iSMP4Z precisely fits the TC51/56 and Ingenico iSMP4 to allow access to all scan and payment features on both devices.
Security Options
When you assemble the Ingenico iSMP4 into the Verge iSMP4Z, you have the option to securely lock the iSMP4 to the case with screws to prevent the device from being removed.
Verge iSMP4Z-Quick Release Option
Quick Release Option
The quick release function allows retailers to easily remove the Zebra TC51/56 device from the ENS case and use the device independent of the Ingenico iSMP4 payment device. This feature also allows users to easily access the removable battery pack on the back of the TC51/56 handheld computer.
Integrated Communication
The Verge iSMP4Z design allows for the devices to maintain Bluetooth connectivity with one another. (Payment transactions are processed via WiFi connections. For additional information about payment transactions, please contact your Ingenico representative.)
Integrated Communication Station
Optional Charging Adapter
Optional Charging Adapter
The Verge iSMP4Z charging station allows for both devices to charge while docked on Zebra’s charging station (CRD-TC51-1SCU-01).
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