Drive-Thru Handle

Drive thru handle low res full size

FlexiPole Drive-Thru Handle is a unique mounting solution for card payment machines at Drive-Thru windows.

Designed to allow the payment machine to be easily passed to customers in their car, the Handle allows the customer to reach the payment device easily. For the staff member, it's simple to use the handle to extend their reach to present the payment terminal to the customer. 

FlexiPole Drive-Thru Handle can be used with any payment machine by choosing the right backplate for your machine.

Additional security is provided by the Wall Mount Unit (available separately) into which is built a tough tether anchor point. Any tether can be looped through the anchor point and attached to the Kensington slot on the payment device. These tethers are not available from Tailwind.


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Product code: ASSD0121   Material: ABS
Length: 42cm  
Weight: 225gm  

Product code (Wall Mount Kit):CST00159

Material: ABS
Height: 16.2cm Sold separately
Weight: 118gm  

Drive Thru Handle Spec

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