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Z Energy

About Z Energy

Z Energy is one of New Zealand’s largest fuel companies providing one third of New Zealand’s total fuel.

With a 17% share in Refining NZ and a 25% stake in New Zealand’s most popular loyalty programme, Fly Buys, Z Energy is a market leader and has a network of 300 service stations and truck stops around the country.

The requirements

In 2012 Z Energy decided to upgrade their service station point of sale equipment and quickly recognised that their payment terminals needed to be mounted. They also knew the mounting solution they chose had to solve a range of business challenges to improve the payment process for customers and staff. They needed their stands to:

  • Protect the payment terminal from damage caused by movement, knocks or spills
  • Make it easy for customers to access the payment machine and speed up transactions.
  • Fix the payment machine in place, removing the need for customers to handle or lift it
  • Maximise the counter space, giving more room for merchandising
  • Find a way to make it easy to switch the payment terminal from the counter to a ‘night pay’ window after hours
  • Find a way to mount payment terminals which would allow future upgrades of the estate without needing to replace the stands

The solution

Z Energy, working with New Zealand’s market leading payment solutions provider, EFTPOS New Zealand, chose Verifone’s VX 800 range of terminals. They planned an initial roll out of the VX 810 followed by an upgrade to the VX 820, within a year.

For their mounting solution they quickly shortlisted Tailwind’s FlexiPole FirstBase Complete. It met all the selection criteria and also came in at a very competitive price point.

Tailwind’s unique design offered not only an elegant solution that presented and protected the device, it also future proofed Z Energy’s investment. Z Energy could replace their estate of payment terminals at any time without the need to replace the pole. Tailwind stands use a PEDPack, a back plate which is designed to fit the terminal type, fitting securely to the back and latching into place on the stand. So Z Energy could invest knowing that in a year’s time, when they rolled out the VX 820’s, all they’d need to do would be to buy new PEDPacks for their upgraded terminals and simply place the devices on their pre-installed poles. This approach offered a big saving in both installation time and pole cost.

The rollout

As planned, in June 2012, Z Energy rolled out the Verifone VX 810’s into their fuel stations, followed a year later by an upgrade to the VeriFone VX 820.

The installation went incredibly smoothly with both estates rolled-out over a four to five week period. The project incorporated 380 Tailwind stands, which only needed to be installed once at the start of the project and 760 PEDPacks.

Since the first installations took place in June 2012, the FlexiPole stands have been in constant use 7 days a week and have performed extremely well in the rugged retail environment of a busy fuel service station

And when the next payment machine upgrade comes along, Z Energy can take advantage of their future proofed mounting solution and buy new PEDPacks for the next generation. And should they need extra security to meet new PCI DSS regulations, they can even upgrade their existing estate of poles to lockable, in the field, by replacing the latch with a lock.

So, what do Z Energy think of Tailwind’s stands?

“The Tailwind stands are a great fit for our requirements.” Said Vance Anderson, Z Energy’s Site Systems Manager “They make the payment process easier – and therefore faster - for both our customers and our cashiers.”

Marj Williams, Product Manager at EFTPOS New Zealand added, “The Tailwind stands have enhanced the overall solution we provided to Z Energy, enabling us to provide a stand that met all our customer’s requirements. It was adaptable enough to fit two different PED solutions, making the upgrade from VX 810’s to VX 820’s possible without the additional cost of an entirely different stand.”

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