Remember Space Invaders

A few weeks ago, I was allowed out shopping on my own (always dangerous). After picking up the items I needed, I offered my trusty credit card to pay for all my exciting new ‘stuff’.

“Just insert your card into the machine” the merchant said.

Easier said than done. I know what to do! I know what card machines look like! But I just could not find it! It was hidden away behind piles of stuff on the counter and sitting up against a pillar that had calendars and notices pinned up on it. It was well hidden.

Now,my brain sometimes works in mysterious ways it’s wonders to perform, and for some reason I started thinking about that old computer game Space Invaders and how the countertop space had been invaded by all manner of things – except the very thing that would allow the retailer to (legally) deprive me of my money.

I get it that a merchant’s counterspace is a valuable commodity needed for displaying products, advertising special offers, wrapping goods and generally engaging with the customer. The last thing that is needed is some piece of electronics sitting there taking up valuable space.

But like so many other people these days, I like to pay with my plastic (or it's virtual equivalent on my phone). I understand that the demands of today’s payment industry mean that payment technology has had to evolve to combat threats such as card skimming, POS device substitution and even device theft! But that doesn't mean the terminal or PINPad has to be hidden from sight as well!

Tailwind Swirl.jpgAt Tailwind Solutions we have a solution to this problem. Tailwind's range of secure POS stands and terminal mounts deliver physical security at the point of sale while at the same time releasing some of that valuable counterspace for those things merchants really need to be doing or showing. Tailwind’s range of stands lift the POS device up off the counter and neatly tidy away all the cables so that they cannot be snagged or twisted or broken. The design of the stands also help to meet international accessibility requirements such as the ADA, DDA and others.

Ingenico_iCT250_Complete.jpgTailwind stands are available in a variety of options such as counter mounted, wall mounted and drive-thru. Made from an extremely tough composite plastic they offer no interference with the wireless communications used in mobile payments such as Apple Pay.

The team at Tailwind has many years of payments industry experience so they know and understand the demands and constraints of merchants when it comes to their payment technology. Tailwind stands are carefully designed to blend in with a merchant’s counterspace, offer PIN pad and display screens at an angle that preserves the privacy of the cardholder and of course keep that POS device safe and secure.

So, grab that space back from those space invaders by fitting your card payment device on a Tailwind stand.

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