Los fundadores de Tailwind vienen de una formación electrónica de punto de venta así que entendemos su negocio

Tailwind Solutions fue fundada en 2006 y la compañía creció de manera exponencial desde el inicio con ventas alrededor del mundo, distribuidores en más de 40 países y clientes en todos los sectores donde los pagos con tarjeta de manera personal son importantes.

Los clientes varían desde marcas principales como Farmfoods y Schuh en el Reino Unido a firmas de taxis y quioscos y nuestros productos se pueden apreciar en ubicaciones como la estación Grand Central en Nueva York a la marca líder de estación de servicio ZEnergy en Nueva Zelanda. Ya un protagonista global, Tailwind es una compañía de pensamiento avanzado con grandes ideales y la ambición de ser el líder del mercado en soluciones de soportes de tecnología de diseño de alta calidad de punto de venta. Y a medida que la compañía aumenta su compromiso con la satisfacción del cliente y los productos de calidad, también crece con un equipo dedicado y una familia de representantes de distribución FlexiPole en una creciente lista de ubicaciones globales.

  • Garry Knox

    Garry Knox 

    Previously Head of Product Marketing for the Northern European Territory for Ingenico, a leading supplier of card payment machines, Garry founded Tailwind Solutions Ltd with Mark Stewart in 2006. His expertise in the payment industry and knowledge of customer needs has been instrumental in creating the successful and ambitious company Tailwind has become.

  • Mark Stewart

    Mark Stewart

    Previously Head of Retail Sales and Business Development at Ingenico, leading supplier of card payment machines, Mark's experience in the card payment industry is extensive and his knowledge of the market and the customer base is impressive. As a company founder, Mark's belief in the importance of mounting for card payment machines and his understanding of retailers has helped to create a world-class Point of Sale technology mounting company with the ambition to grow.

Our vision is for Tailwind's FlexiPole system to be the world's standard for mounting technology at Point of Sale.

To achieve this aim we believe we must deliver the best possible card holder experience at point of sale with the maximum security for the retailer. We also believe that it is our role to help any firm taking payment from customers at a fixed point of sale to understand the advantages of mounting their technology, whether that be their card payment machines or their tablet based point of sale systems, to ensure the best customer experience, aesthetically and from a security perspective and to ensure they save costs by extending the lifetime of their technology and maximise efficiency by ensuring the best possible connectivity.Point of Sale Mount Shot

We take the design of our products very seriously because the quality of our offering depends on the effort we put into ensuring our design is fit for purpose and surpasses expectations.

Every aspect of our product is considered to ensure that it is the best possible solution for a Point of Sale environment from the material we have chosen to the unique product features like our PEDPacks and latch mechanism. Designed in Scotland, new products are developed with great care, iterated and tested until our standards are met. Where we create bespoke solutions for customers, we always make sure they are completely satisfied with the result and that the product meets our own exacting standards. Our products are proving robust in the field with no reported failures and a Mean Time Before Failure of more than 5 years. The designed-in, modular nature of the FlexiPole system means that existing customers can upgrade their payment technology easily and with minimum expense without changing poles and mounts. Our composite material wears well, does not rust, chip or scratch and has the benefit of creating no interference for wifi, EMC or Near Field Communication.


Tailwind Solutions was founded by Garry Knox and Mark Stewart in 2006. Both founders previously worked for Ingenico, manufacturers of electronic point of sale card payment devices, Mark as Head of Retail Sales and Business Development and Garry as the former head of Product Marketing for the Northern European territory.

With 40 years’ experience in the card payments industry – technical, marketing, sales, business development and management - the founders identified a gap in the market when it became apparent that payment machines needed to be mounted at point of sale to prevent costly damage to the machine and the cabling and to enable a smooth and consistent check out experience for shoppers. Tailwind was created with the specific intention of designing and manufacturing the best point of sale mounting solutions for card payment devices. Now the company is developing mounting solutions for other point of sale electronic equipment, primarily tablets, which are fast becoming part of the POS equipment routinely used by retailers.


Los productos FlexiPole están disponibles en más de 40 países y están instalados en múltiples ubicaciones en todo el mundo en ubicaciones que van desde supermercados hasta casas de comidas rápidas, minorista, banca minorista, venta de entradas, quioscos, hospitalidad y ocio.

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